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How to choose the perfect EV station

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all EV charging point solution. Picking the right charger type can affect your user experience.

A universal EV charging point solution does not exist. Consider the very specific demands of those who will use your solution, whether they are residents, employees, or consumers, to ensure that it provides the most value and ease.

Charge point power, anticipated vehicle stay lengths, tariff requirements, and fleet duty cycles are a few things to think about. Slower charging methods allow for varying tariffs and are better for car batteries, but they are less likely to be useful in places where drivers just stop for a moment.

Getting it right means evaluating what the drivers using your electric vehicle charging points are looking for and tailoring your solution accordingly.

EV Charging Times

In the incorrect position or in a place where drivers don’t want to spend a lot of time, even the best charging system won’t be much help. Finding the locations where drivers will inevitably stop as part of their regular routines is essential to making sure an EV charging point is as beneficial as possible. This will be either their location of employment or home for many drivers.

After gaining an understanding of where people stop, we must also consider why. Have they parked so they can check into a hotel for the night? Are they conducting their weekly grocery shopping? Are they taking a little rest in the middle of a long journey?

These are the kinds of factors that can be used to predict how long cars will likely be left parked and then use that information to determine the best charging solution.

How long will it take an electric car to charge?

  • 3-7kW charging will work overnight.
  • 4-6 hours: A 3-22kW charging system will work.
  • 2-4 hours: 7–22 kW charging is OK.
  • 1-2 hours: 22kW+ charging will work.
  • less than an hour 50kW+ charging will work.
  • On the go: favorable is 100kW+ charging

It is crucial to think about what kinds of vehicles might be using the EV charging station you have installed because not all electric vehicles can charge at the same rate or even with the same connection. Electric vehicles will only occasionally be suited for rapid charge solutions, have variable maximum charge levels, and be compatible with a variety of connectors.

Not all electric cars or vans can charge at that power, even after installing 22kW units. For instance, even while utilizing a 22kW unit, the great majority of EVs charge at 3-11kW. To make appropriate investments and ensure that the charging station is advantageous to both you and the drivers, it is crucial to understand the vehicles that will be using the solution.

The Best Locations To Install EV Charging Stations

It’s also crucial to consider the environment’s aesthetics and practicality before installing any charging stations. Think about whether your presence would enhance or detract from the proposed location.

If you’re thinking about installing something on the street, you probably don’t want to unless you choose discreet, less obtrusive sockets that are built into the existing street furniture.

You must consider whether you will be dealing with walls if your solution will be adequately robust, and how well you can utilize the available space, such as by choosing twin sockets in neighboring parking spaces when planning a car park installation.

This results in the EV charging stations being put to use in practice. Is there adequate street parking that won’t interfere with nearby traffic? Are the charging stations usable and simple to access? Is it a location where drivers can park their cars for however long is necessary? Knowing the answers will ensure that the EV chargers are actually helpful to drivers rather than being an inconvenience.

Promoting the Use of EV Charging Stations

To fully exploit the potential of electric vehicles, more work must be done than simply placing the correct charging station in the right place.

Engagement efforts that actively inform important audiences about the new charging station and the financial and practical advantages of switching to an EV will be crucial in promoting both the use of the charging station and the adoption of EVs more broadly.

The best way to satisfy the needs of anyone thinking about an electric vehicle will depend on whether you are an employer, developer, or local authority. Some of the factors you should take into account before buying EV chargers are listed below.

Local government and electric cars

Based on the unique needs of its citizens, each borough will need to provide a variety of payment options.

How many people lack access to off-street parking is an important factor to take into account, which could necessitate installing a large number of on-street EV charging stations. Getting this properly can be quite important in promoting adoption.

According to our research, more than 60% of UK residents cannot install a home charger, while 89% of non-EV drivers say they would be more likely to buy an electric car if they had access to a charging station at home or at work.

It’s also critical to assess how many public parking lots there are in the borough and how frequently people leave their cars there for extended periods of time, such near to a railway station.

Additionally, certain parts of the borough can have particularly poor air quality, which could dictate where the immediate focus is.

It’s crucial to choose solutions that are simple to install and won’t require replacement for more than ten years if you want to minimise inconvenience. High-quality EV charging stations can last more than three times as long as certain alternatives on the market, limiting disruption for locals and environmental impact.

The ease of use of both the physical charging point and the accompanying software is a key factor that local governments should take into account when installing EV chargers.

Chargers For Residential Buildings

High-quality solutions with long lifespans will be a goal since home EV chargers, like local authorities, should optimize convenience and cost-effectiveness while minimizing their environmental impact.

When choosing a charge point to install, developers should prioritize future-proofing. Developers may prepare for the influx of future electric vehicles by outfitting the development with our enabling below-ground infrastructure, which can be activated without additional digging or interruption. They can easily add above-ground charging outlets to meet demand as adoption rates undoubtedly begin to rise.

It is simpler and less expensive to install the foundational infrastructure for EV chargers while the development is being built than it is to adapt the development afterward. Redigging parking lots and roadways is no longer necessary, which reduces wasteful materials, building activity, and inconvenience to locals.

Additionally, developers will be concerned with aesthetics and whether EV charging station options blend in with the current architectural elements of their buildings.

For developers, any added value inside a suggested solution is crucial, including any elements of an upgradeable design like induction charging, Internet of Things (IoT) readiness, or 5G compatibility.

EV Charging Stations For Commercial Workplaces

Commercial workplace EV charging stations will require slightly different considerations, such as whether they will be utilized by employees, visitors, or the general public and whether a separate method of pricing these groups would be necessary.

With our clever strategy, businesses can make sure that any EV charging point solution they deploy turns into an investment that generates income. When taking into account a government grant, the Workplace Charging Scheme, which pays up to 75% of the purchase and installation costs up to £350 per plug, this becomes an even smarter investment.

It’s also crucial to comprehend the on-site power supply that is accessible and how smart charging solutions with load management features can guarantee that this electricity is utilized as efficiently as possible.

Commercial Fleets And EV Chargers

Commercial fleets can reduce their total costs while achieving their emission reduction goals by selecting the right EV charging point solutions. Projecting the number of electric vehicles in your fleet over the next few years, their ability to be charged during the day or at night, as well as the electrical capacity and physical layout of the site, will be necessary when choosing the best option.

Slow charging (3-7kW) is the best option when vehicles can be left in the depot overnight. This is beneficial for the batteries in cars while increasing the availability of renewable energy and low-cost tariffs.

Fleet owners may decide to advocate for more on-street charging alternatives because many drivers would still want to avoid returning to the depot at the conclusion of their shift.

Which EV Charge Point Solution Is Best For Your Business?

In our opinion, every new EV charging point installation, in our opinion, must take into account all of these factors into account. As a top provider of EV charging stations, we make sure to consider the specific requirements of your organization when assisting you with the planning, installation, and upkeep of chargers in your workplace, development, or local government.

The entire environmental and financial advantages of EVs can be realized through this strategy, which is adapted to the needs of the trip and the area. Contact our partners at EV Charge Box if you’d like to learn more about EV charging stations and our solutions.


Tom Broderick

Tom Broderick

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