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How will smart mobile EV charging stations bring about a revolution in the sustainable future?

Electric Vehicles (EVs) play an important part in a green future in a globalised world with a sustainability orientation. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), EV sales will increase by 35% year on year.  According to a GlobeNewsWire analysis, the worldwide EV market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 17.8% between 2023 and 2030.

EV charging infrastructure is still in its early stages. The majority of EV charging takes place at home. However, in order to meet the increased demand for EVs, public charging stations are required.

Despite the fact that governments have set many plans and rules for EV charging stations, firms have failed to satisfy the required standards. According to estimates, charging stations in Europe must expand at least nine times to fulfil current demand for EVs, while charging station installations in the United States must almost triple before 2030.However, many businesses are turning to mobile EV charging stations as an alternative, a practise known as Charging as a Service (CaaS). This allows them to more simply and swiftly satisfy the demand for charging EVs.

The major question is whether we truly require a mobile charging station.

Data demonstrate that, when the cost of rapid charging during emergencies is included, the replies lean towards the positive. However, there will always be roadblocks that cannot be avoided. Everyone agrees that building a solid infrastructure takes time. On the other side, there is a global shortage of transformers and chip shortages, which are hindering the construction of charging infrastructure. For example, in a few extreme rural parts of East Europe, finding a cell connection may be difficult, therefore expecting an EV charger in those locations may be unfeasible. However, according to a poll, residents in rural regions are accelerating EV adoption. 

When it comes to cost, the difference between a static charging point infrastructure and a mobile charging station might be substantial. A typical Level 2 charging unit (EVSE) will cost roughly $19,200, without including annual maintenance, land, and other administrative charges. A portable EV mobile charger, on the other hand, starts at $6500, excluding the carrier, such as a vehicle or minivan.

A smart AI and IoT enabled EV mobile charging system will make life easier for customers who want to buy an EV in the near future or are willing to buy but are concerned about charging/roadside assistance/emergency. The charging infrastructure will undoubtedly develop over the next few decades. However, there are looming concerns about the expansion of charging stations in rural or semi-urban regions. As a result, a smart mobile EV charging system will benefit EV vendors, charging solution providers, battery sellers, and others.

Structure of the System

EV Management software will completely handle the charging system. It will give a comprehensive perspective of the operation and will function as a hub and spoke model, linking to the customer’s mobile devices, cars, and the service provider. The software system will generate an infographic matrix based on the data received by the vehicle movement, which will be utilised for future vehicle optimisation and other relevant procedures.

The Vehicle Management system will notify the user of the following:

  • Vehicle performance (shown graphically).
  • Carbon dioxide emissions are reduced.
  • The best eco-friendly speed for optimal throughput and battery endurance.
  • The exact number of kilometres that a vehicle can go on a single charge.
  • Details about nearby charging service providers.
  • Safety precautions.
  • Other details nearby include restaurants, retail malls, hospitals, public bathrooms, and so forth.

When consumers do not have access to charging points, the system as a whole will aid them in finding a means to charge their devices. When the battery reaches a particular level and has to be charged in order to reach a specified place, the software system will immediately link the client to a service provider. A client can also request on-demand charging, and the service provider will connect the consumer to the nearest charging van right away. While charging is taking place, the consumer may partake in a variety of leisure activities accessible in the charging van. The charging vehicle will go to the next desired EV after completing the charging procedure for one EV. The charging van system is a smart vehicle system with a long-term infrastructure. The battery unit is charged using solar-to-energy, waste-to-energy, or other sustainable energy production technologies.

The following are the advantages of this solution:

  • On-demand, quick, and easy charging solution
  • Saving energy and time by minimising the distance travelled to reach a certain charging outlet.
  • Cost-cutting measures
  • Vehicle life extension and optimisation
  • Value on sustainability and greater efficiency during an emergency
  • Increased safety by minimising accidents caused by hasty charging

Until this point, a number of firms have begun to develop a global mobile charging ecosystem. EV Charge Box, a Bulgaria-based firm is one of them. They provide affordable EV Charging stations and a global management network.


Tom Broderick

Tom Broderick

Environmental technician dedicated to ensuring the sustainability of our planet. Believes that it is our responsibility to protect the environment for future generations.

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