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The top five reasons to choose an electric car

1. Buying an electric car will save you money 

Electric vehicles are less expensive to fuel than their gasoline-powered equivalents nationwide, regardless of where you plug them in. In the larger cities, most of the energy suppliers offer a rate plan that makes using electricity less expensive than using gasoline, resulting in a median annual savings.

You may save money on maintenance by driving an electric car. Battery electric vehicles (battery EVs) do not have petrol engines, require no normal maintenance, and do not require replacement of timing belts, spark plugs, or oil. When compared to a gasoline-powered equivalent of their vehicle, these lower maintenance costs can save an EV owner thousands of euros over the course of the vehicle’s lifetime.

2. Electric cars reduce emissions

EVs nevertheless emit less greenhouse gases than their traditional counterparts, even when their electricity is supplied by the European gridgrid, that is most heavily coal-based. The typical electric vehicle in Europe now emits the same amount of emissions as a petrol vehicle. As coal-fired electrical generation is replaced by wind and solar energy, the emissions performance of EVs is expected to only get better. Additionally, a lot of EV owners decide to equip their vehicles with home energy storage systems and solar panels for the roof. An electric vehicle (EV) can drive almost emissions-free when powered solely by renewable energy.

3. Driving in electric automobiles is more enjoyable.

Electric vehicles accelerate quickly off the line and offer smooth, responsive acceleration and deceleration because electric engines produce rapid torque. Additionally, the low center of gravity of electric vehicles enhances handling, responsiveness, and ride comfort.

Thousands of electric vehicle drivers across the nation have attested to the driving prowess of electric vehicles in race series like Formula E or at nearby drag strips.

4. Electric cars reduce your usage of oil

The European Union has a plan to reduce oil use in half over the next twenty years depending heavily on electric vehicles. Even though using oil has a number of drawbacks, it is still the main energy source for transportation. By providing a cleaner, better method to fuel transportation for everyone, electric vehicles have the potential to challenge the status quo relationship between transportation and oil. By 2035, electric vehicles could reduce Europe’s daily oil use by 1.5 million barrels.

5. Electric cars are practical

You can charge at home for a less expensive and more reliable price than searching for the lowest price petrol station. Additionally, plugging in at home only takes a few seconds and enables you to always have a “full tank” when you awaken.  EVs also offer a number of practical benefits. Because battery electric vehicles have far simpler mechanical designs than traditional petrol vehicles, their maintenance requirements are frequently also much simpler, making them cheaper to operate. Electric car owners do not need to arrange timing belt replacements, spark plug replacements, or other engine tune-up procedures. They also do not need to change their car’s motor oil every 5,000 to 10,000 kilometers. EVs may also be eligible for restricted express lanes on roads and bridges, designated parking spaces, and reduced or no tolls, depending on where you live.


Tom Broderick

Tom Broderick

Environmental technician dedicated to ensuring the sustainability of our planet. Believes that it is our responsibility to protect the environment for future generations.

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